How a Business Name Generator Tool can Help you Launch an Online Store

Starting a small online business takes research, smarts, and self-confidence. Many questions run in the mind of a new entrepreneur like whether the capital will be enough if customers will accept your products or how to take your online business to the next level.

There are many online gears like a business name generator tool that will help you come up with a name so that you can launch a new online store. If you live in the U.S, U.K, and Australia, there are several essential steps to starting a business like naming your company, where to source for capital, structuring, registration and more than you need to consider. Here is a guide.

Step I. Find a Business Idea

An idea is the first step where businesses germinate. But where do you get an idea to start your next company? If you want to turn an idea into an income generating venture, ensure that it’s something you are passionate about that will give you fulfillment and satisfaction in life. Turn what you love doing into a money-making business, and it will provide you with a sense of achievement and success. Another way you can find a business idea that you can turn into a lucrative business is through recognizing your biggest frustration right now and turning that into a business idea. The best business ideas are created out of confronting an existing problem. If you come up with a business idea that can change the world, you’ll make millions. Even if you attempt and fail the first time, you can keep on trying before you succeed.

Step 2. Naming a Business

Finding a business name can be easy or very difficult. But before you pick out a name ensure that the name is short, catchy and memorable. Your new company name should also have a story and a clear message behind it.

A brandable name is critical in your marketing efforts as it allows your customers to associate your products with the brand. Another essential factor to consider when searching for a business name is the logo. Images are powerful meaning that your logo should be catchy and easy to remember.

Several online tools can help you to generate a name for your business like Shopify Business Name Generator, Namelix,, among other free online tools. 

For more tips to find the perfect name for your store, click here.

Step 3. Write a Business Plan

Once you have a name and a logo now, it’s time to write a robust, detailed business plan that will create a clear road map to the future. It should involve among other things crafting a killer marketing message. A good business plan should feature a mission statement, financial projections, and a marketing plan. It should also include a business and management structure as well as a clearly defined company statement.

Your business plan should also include a snapshot of what your business is all about. The company description contains essential information like name, address and physical location of your company. Stating the nature of your business is crucial as well as naming critical people in your online store.

Don’t forget to list some goals that you wish to achieve in the course of running your business. The targets can either be short term or long term – the most important thing is coming up with a business strategy that will help you achieve them.

Step 4. Business Structure

If you’re starting a small online business in the U.S, you’ll have to carefully consider which business structure is right for you, as this will affect how the IRS taxes your business profits. The business structure of your new enterprise will also define whether your personal property is safe in the case where others demand money from your company.

Some of the business structures in the U.S include; sole proprietorship, limited company, partnership, S-corp, and C-corp. You’ll need to decide early on which structure you’ll need to work with over the next few years as switching from one structure to another can be a complicated and costly process not to mention the lengthy legal process that is involved.

Step 5. What Products or Service Are You Going to Offer

Your business will involve the provision of products or service. Therefore, it’s crucial that you detail the products or service that your company will be offering. Your list should include the type of products or service you will be selling, a pricing model, a sales and distribution strategy as well as a structured plan on how you will fulfill orders.


Step 6. Marketing and Sales Plan

Crafting a sales and marketing plan can make or break your business. Here you need to address the typical clients you’ll be serving and the different types of marketing persuasions that you’ll implement to sell your products or service.

Additionally, you can highlight the strengths of your business and also determine why your products or service will be better than what your competitors will be offering. Also, examine different methods of how you can draw new customers to your business and how you’ll retain loyal customers for repeat business.

You also need to design a killer website that will be the initial contact with your customers. Make an online store easy to navigate, features a responsive design that can be used on both desktop and mobile and is secure enough so that your customers can enter their payment details confidently. 

Step 7. Financial Projections

Getting off the ground to raise capital for a business venture can be a challenge. If you’re starting a new online store, give careful consideration to your business plan especially if you want to seek funds from investors or financial institutions. Outline how your business will generate enough profit to repay the loan.

But if going to the bank or pitching an idea to investors to seek a loan to start a business is not your cup of tea, there are other options that you can consider like crowdfunding or soliciting support from family members,

In Conclusion

Many other considerations go a long way into making your new online store successful. Leverage on the opportunities that you find online to make your business successful. If you don’t know where to start, sample a few names with a business name generator tool to get an idea of what type of online business can work for you.

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